sábado, 26 de julio de 2008

Zach Braff "Scrubs" Out

For such a funny show, "Scrubs" certainly has its share of drama.

Apparently, Zach Braff is ready to check out of the hospital sitcom. It's no surprise. Ever since he "Garden State," rumors have been flying that he was itching to make the big-screen leap permanent.

In case you need to update your score cards, "Scrubs" will be on ABC this season. ABC couldn't be happier, since their Touchstone TV segment has been behind the show since its inception. They are even giving the show a high-def upgrade for the eighth season, says Buddy TV.

One thing they aren't giving the show: A big send-off -- at least not yet.

Everyone assumed that the eighth season would be the show's last. However, it seems that "everyone" was just Braff. If the Sacred Heart crew does return for a ninth season, viewers will have to be treated to the voices from someone else's head -- at least until Braff decides to pop up as a guest star.

While I am all for moving Turk (Donald Faison) into the lead position, can the show survive without J.D.?

No le tengo fe a un Scrubs sin J.D., es decir sin Zach.